Episode 04-Mike Beltzner

This week we feature highlights from an interview from last June with Mike Beltzner. Canadian to the bone, this interview is laden with hockey and Tim Horton’s, in addition to some compelling ideas regarding the open source movement. The full interview, with transcript, can be found here.

Enjoy the interview and please contribute to the Memory Bank. Much thanks to Gervase Markham for contributing his blog, which will be appearing in the archive soon.


Going Global

During the past two weeks we have been looking to expand the archive to reflect the global Mozilla community. An interview with Chair of Mozilla Japan, Satoko Takita is currently being conducted via email, and we have contacted the members of Mozilla Europe’s Board of Directors about recording their histories as well. Soon we should have more than thirty interviews in the Memory Bank!

Furthermore, contributions are finally beginning to pick up again. Gervase Markham has agreed to enter the entirety of his blog to archive. Hopefully this will encourage other users and developers to add their stories and materials.

Look for a podcast featuring highlights from Mike Beltzner’s oral history next week.

(For those of you who noted Gerv’s transcript was missing, it can now be viewed here.