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We recently went out and interviewed George Mason University students who were Firefox users, to get their impressions of the FF user experience. We hadn’t been received any video submissions, yet, so it seemed a good way to show off our capacity to host video. Check out a few examples here, here, and here.

Looking through the videos, we realized we had the makings of a good promotional video to try to help get the word out about the Memory Bank. A little bit of video editing later, and we’d put together the first Mozilla Digital Memory Bank Promo Video:

Check it out– send it to anyone you think might be interested in the Memory Bank! Help get the word out!

(And if you really enjoyed the video, a longer version– the “director’s cut,” if you will– can be found here.)

In a similar vein, trying to get the word out, we’ve recently created a Facebook page and a LiveJournal page, in addition to our Youtube page.

Episode 12 Mitchell Baker

Last June, Mitchell was kind enough to fit us into her busy schedule and offer some history and thoughts on her experiences at Mozilla. It was an interesting interview, and I highly recommend listening to the full interview which you can find here.

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Running time: 7:44.

Download the .mp3.

Episode 11 Mike Pinkerton

Camino project lead Mike Pinkerton met us here at George Mason University last June, and, after a few technical snafus on our end, gave us what I think was an extremely thoughtful and provocative interview. Being a veteran of the Netscape era, as well as working on a project not named Firefox, Mike’s interview is somewhat unique among those currently in the archive.

Listen to the full interview here.

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Running time: 13:31

Download the .mp3.

Episode 10 Blake Ross

Firefox co-founder Blake Ross agreed to meet with us at a California public library last June, for an interview. We didn’t realize, however, the intricacies of reserving space in a study room. Several contradictory answers and one library card later, we finally were able to sit down with Blake. His ideas about Firefox, Mozilla, and open source were truly unique, and I highly recommend visiting the archive to hear the entire interview.

Listen to the full interview here.

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Running time: 8:41

Download the .mp3

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