Title: No limit in age
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Added on: 6 June 2006
Type of Object: Still image
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Image of a laughing baby


This is a picture of my grandchild, 1 year in November, the first time he saw The Firefox browser was installed on my computer. He like it, i love it. The only trouble I have now is that when he is visiting me, is that his granny is getting ignored while he is always looking at the firefox logo, and I have to reload the page aprox. a thousand times before he is satisfied or tired..:) Don`t chase the fox, get it on your screen. Not tomorrow, but today. You will enjoy it, just like the rest of the100 millions and 1 and 2...etc.





Mozilla Digital Memory Bank, Object #915, 6 June 2006, <http://mozillamemory.org/detailview.php?id=915> (accesed 30 September 2020)

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Title: No limit in age
Creator: DeeMaac
Subject: firefox, 100 million downloads
Description: Image of a laughing baby
Publisher: spread firefox
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Date: 2005-10-20
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