Episode 08 Rafael Ebron

This week we are excited to bring you highlights from an interview with former Mozilla Product Manager, Rafael Ebron. There are some very interesting observations about Mozilla’s marketing strategy, as well as some entertaining anecdotes about the naming of Firefox.

Listen to the full interview here.

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Running time: 13:52

Download the .mp3.

Episode 07 Tristan Nitot

From across the Atlantic we bring you Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe. Highlights include a very interesting discussion of Mozilla Europe’s history as well as the French unemployment system.

Listen to the full interview here.

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Running Time: 10:07

Download the .mp3.

Podcast Episode 1 Ben Goodger

The Mozilla Digital Memory Bank is excited to announce the launch of a weekly podcast series. This week we feature highlights from an oral history taken from Ben Goodger in March 2006. As always, the full interview and its transcript can be found in the interviews section of the archive.

Enjoy the interview and please contribute your materials and stories to the Memory Bank.


New Interview

The transcriptions have finally begun to come back to us, and we are excited to announce a new oral history has been added to the Digital Memory Bank. A recording of Olivia Ryan’s interview with Mike Beltzner on June 5, 2006 is now available here. We hope to be presenting a new interview every two weeks from now on.

We would once again encourage further contributions. Send us your photos, emails, IRC logs! Since we are still assembling the early history of Mozilla, and pertinent objects related to the decisions to release the source would be greatly appreciated. If you lack the time to upload these files yourself please email me at mozmem@gmail.com and hopefully we can set up an alternate method to transfer the files.

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